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At 55 years of age with atropic uterus, you are advised to go for regular pap smear done and mammography done to rule out any developing malignancy (Cancer).

Usually during first pregnancy, 5th to 5 1/2 months of pregnancy baby gives a feeling of movement & as number of pregnancy advances, the feeling of movement comes earlier.

Yes, if your sonography findings suggest some uterine or ovarian pathology otherwise it can be corrected by medicines.

White discharge may happen during normal cycles but if infection is the reason, you need treatment.

Your daughter is now in adolescent period. She has frequent hormonal changes now a day. As soon as she will grow up, she will stabilize her mood & all mood swings will go away.

You both should go for medical checkup. Some blood test and sonographic studies to rule out any hidden pathology. If egg is not forming properly, lady should be treated by tablets or injections and then they can have pregnancy.

Stretch marks never go completely after delivery. You can reduce it by applying some medications prescribed by your doctor. They stay as white marks permanently after delivery is more or less appearance.

Copper T is best for you now. Whenever you will take decision for 2nd pregnancy or planning for second child, you are advised to remove it or you may change it for further extension of contraceptive period as per your need.

If all is well and nothing complicating your or baby’s health, you are advised to go for minimum 3 sonographies.
1st trimester: sonography will suggest you the wellbeing of baby in terms of viability.
2nd trimester : Upto to completion of 2nd trimester, it will help you to see your baby congenitally normal and no deformities of system.
3rd trimester: It helps to see weight, position of head of baby, situation of placenta to amount of liquor and many more important things which may be helpful for further planning for delivery.